And The Winner of .01 Bitcoin Is…..

I want to thank everyone for posting their painful memories in my Broken Heart Valentine’s Day contest.

The winner of my Broken Heart Valentine contest on Twitter is Adriana Diaz.

Adriana’s entry

The reason I chose her entry is because she painted a very vivid picture of her memory and also because it involves suicide. Her description of young love was very captivating and her choice of words to describe her boyfriend “rebellious, popular and cuddly” made her story particularly easy to visualize.

Even though this is a long time ago, I am still afraid of having a relationship.

Love seems like an elusive dream to me, one which only resides in others, not myself. I have mostly just given up on it, not because I feel upset, but because I feel mostly nothing.

It makes me uncomfortable even thinking about relationships.

Congratulations Adriana.



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