CPU Fiasco on EOS: My Take


It all started on the first day of the CPU blackout on EOS, when I finally had my Eureka! moment.

The reality of what transpired during the month of November didn’t resemble any of that dream.


“Would you complain because car rentals were too expensive?” -https://twitter.com/bytemaster7/status/1191807563249192961

“It is easy to be in denial about a flaw in your idea when the market rewarded your idea with $4B” -https://twitter.com/finchify/status/1192165512182145024?s=20


“There is an exploitable bug in the name bidding contract that makes it possible for anyone to steal eosio system resources. If this will not be fixed soon, we will be forced to upgrade EIDOS system contracts to make it more restrictive. We are still studying the extent of this.”- Enumivo Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/enumivo/status/1194296149298929664

Details about this resource exploit:

EIDOS (the one contract that caused EOS CPU to fall to its knees) was EOS’ Cryptokitties moment but lasted a month and was much more damaging as far as trust is concerned.

This is at least, how I understand it.

It was very curious to watch how people reacted differently to the same external situation.

Tough Love for B1 and the current Top 21 BPs of the EOS mainnet:

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