@HelloTelos Twitter Analytics: February & March 2020

5 min readApr 3, 2020
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I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’d like to do my Telos Worker Proposals and I think I have come up with a way that conforms with my principles. Instead of creating a proposal before I do the work, this proposal contains the @HelloTelos Twitter account data and analytics from February and March 2020. If the Telos community thinks I’m doing a good job after reviewing the data, then I’d appreciate a Yes vote for the work I did for these two months.

I’d also like to add that Marshal of Telos4Africa and Katie Roman, along with a few other people are helping to run the @HelloTelos Twitter account. Also, there are a lot of Telos twitter accounts that really help drive new followers to the @HelloTelos Twitter account and without those helping, these analytics would not be as they are. I would also like to encourage everyone in Telos to focus on getting more mainstream crypto vloggers to cover Telos, as we can clearly see from this data that content from these vloggers gets us a lot of views. Also, the Angry Warlord content was a major source of engagement in March, so consider that going forward.

My Requested Salary Info

My desired salary: USD $1000 per month (50,000 TLOS @ .$02 per 1 TLOS)
Total for 2 months (Feb & March): 100,000 TLOS

About this salary: Most Twitter social media managers charge $1500 per month per client.

In total, if I had to guess, I imagine that I spend between 25–30 hours per week doing this work for Telos.

My work entails the following:

  1. Scheduling of the #TelosTuesdays Live Twitter AMAs.
    2. One-on-one practice session with Twitter AMA host.
    3. Creation of how to video tutorial for the Twitter AMA.
    4. Graphic design of the #TelosTuesdays poster.
    5. Sharing of #TelosTuesdays Live AMA links, as well as sharing important announcements to the Telos Announcement Telegram channel.
    6. Daily tweets, retweets and replies on Twitter 6 days per week (with Sunday being my day off).
    7. Creation of Twitter native videos and other graphics.
    8. I frequently run mini social tasks in my own Meme My Coin group, with members earning TLOS for doing some retweets or other social media tasks.

@HelloTelos Twitter analytics for February 2020:

Tweet Impressions: 124.7K
New followers: 191
Mentions: 1,884
Profile visits: 3,640
Top Media Tweet: Murmur, 9926 impressions

@HelloTelos Twitter analytics for March 2020:

Tweet Impressions: 194.6K
New followers: 1177
Mentions: 2440
Profile visits: 3064
Top Tweet: Angry Warlord, 10,125 impressions

About #TelosTuesdays

Telos Tuesdays poster original made by Telos4Africa

Every Tuesday someone from the Telos ecosystem hosts a Live Twitter AMA. Next week is Vector Newman, the founder of Newlife.ai, so don’t miss it.

The concept of “Telos Tuesdays” came out of a conversation between Stellabelle and Douglas Horn as a way to keep the Telos community and public informed about everything going on in Telos. The other purpose it serves is to create an open and transparent look into the diverse people working in the Telos ecosystem. It’s also a way for outsiders to see what’s actually going on with people in Telos, as blockchain projects still remain a bit obtuse and hard to connect with. Each Live video seems to get anywhere from 200 to 800 views, as most of the views are from playback. Then, on Youtube they get a few hundred more on that platform.

Because most of us have never done a Live video on Twitter before, this program also serves the purpose of getting people in the community used to the social media space, and doing more outreach and communication on their own. Having this as a weekly, continuous event also creates more cohesiveness within the Telos community. If you missed the Live Twitter AMAs, they are also viewable on the Telos YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmehge9OiZVWFctmV0lDdQfv9On2ZlD6D

Marshall of Telos4Africa and Clay of EOSUSA are producing & uploading these videos so big thanks to them.

I am open to experimenting with Telos Tuesdays on Reddit, so if you have any feedback on this idea, let me know.

If you missed my very first Twitter analytics data from December and January, here it is:

Also, don’t forget to use the Creative Commons artwork and graphics I created here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/teloscc/

Here are some of the images from this Creative Commons library:

If you have any other questions for me, feel free to reach out on Twitter or Telegram: Stellabelle