If You’ve Lost Your Job Due To Coronavirus, Here Are 3 Ways To Earn Crypto

9 min readMar 27, 2020
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Desperate times call for desperate measures.

People are losing their jobs all over the globe due the Coronavirus pandemic. This pandemic is now revealing the cracks in our societies, health care systems, economic systems and the very nature of how humans have been operating. In short, the virus has made one thing very clear: humans have not built resilient systems for human life. In this article, I can only speak about the system I know, the one in the USA. The virus has made it abundantly clear that our current system is built for mass exploitation and wage slavery, with the only ones benefitting sitting comfortably at the top.

Most people live paycheck to paycheck, as most wages have remained flat while expenses continue to rise. The hierarchical corporate structure with the CEO making billions while the workers are making barely enough to survive is the root cause of a lot of suffering in the world. Crypto societies could change this.

Another elephant in the room: health insurance is tied to employment, which we are now understanding is a very bad idea.

This pandemic reveals that our system is not capable of coping with a situation where people are not going to work because then they lose their health care along with it. It’s very clear that we don’t need our health care tied to our jobs. There has never been a clearer sign that universal health care for all is essential to human life.

So with all this going on, I keep thinking, “What can I do?”

Being the germaphobe that I am, I am currently not leaving my house for anything. Having extreme OCD and panic attacks after binge watching hours of COVID19 coverage is not helping either. For people like me who have obsessive compulsions, this Coronavirus pandemic is like a horror movie coming to life. Nightmares are now a regular part of life.

But I’ve also been thinking a lot about how crypto societies could become more resilient to catastrophes than the current system, which I refer to as the Legacy System.

First I need to define in clear terms how these systems are different. And I am using the USA as the Legacy System example. Notice how I say “could become”. Crypto societies are still in their infancy and have a lot of growing to do. But there is a lot of promise, and many are functioning well right now.

The Legacy Hierarchy System is what we have today which is mostly defined by the following attributes:

Corporations are hierarchy systems with a few at the top capturing the wealth and value that 95%+ of the workers at the bottom create. The workers trade their time for money, and most don’t earn enough to save any extra for emergencies. This kind of system leaves huge numbers of workers vulnerable because they do not directly capture the value they generate. They sell their time and energy to someone else in exchange for cash.

Another factor that is eroding workers’ future outlook: most corporations are actively replacing humans with automation, as CEO’s view humans as a liability, not an asset. Humans get sick, they require health care costs, and have other needs that robots simply don’t have. CEO’s mainly want profits, and humans just don’t fit into their balance sheets. There are a few examples of CEO’s who are not like this, but there are not many examples. The CEO of Chobani is one.

Health Care is tied to this corporate hierarchy system. Getting a good health care plan requires that you participate in the corporate hierarchy system. Losing your job means losing your health care. Also, changing jobs also means you can lose your main health care provider because your health care doesn’t follow you around. You are forced to change your plan because you don’t control it, your employer does. Now that millions are losing their jobs due to Coronavirus, we see the problem in stark reality: having your health care tied to your job is a terrible idea. Now, you just lost both.

A system with universal health care for all is the clear path to the future.

If the USA was just able to print up 6 trillion to magically save big business plus give some breadcrumbs for regular people to live from, they can create universal health care, too. At the top, there is a lack of will to do the right thing. Greed is in charge at the present moment. The culprit in this present reality are the health insurance companies and a government that has sold out to them. A recent tweet by Wendell Potter, an ex-Cigna VP who is also a whistleblower tells this reality:

“This pandemic will finally reveal how devastating insurers’ greed will be to so many of us. Tragically, some Americans will likely die because policymakers turned the keys of our healthcare system over to profit-driven insurance corporations.

That has to finally end. “

Read his entire Tweet thread, it’s both shocking and disturbing:

True crypto societies are very new and rapidly evolving systems that have a different structure at their core: decentralization.

Truly decentralized crypto societies are not built like pyramids, but more like large mesh networks. This word ‘decentralization’ gets thrown around a lot, so it’s necessary to understand what it is. This video is excellent at giving an overview:

It’s interesting to learn that humans evolved in a very decentralized manner, with peer-to-peer being the dominant structure. Technology is allowing us to go back to that structure.

So how do crypto societies work and why should you care?

I think crypto societies are the future because they are more resilient than Legacy Hierarchy Systems. Catastrophes like the Coronavirus pandemic reveal that crypto societies are better equipped to handle the following things:

1. Distribution of money.

2. Remote work.

3. Cooperation between people of different nations.

4. Transparent decision making.

5. Voting.

The one area that is not yet established in crypto societies is health care. This is an area that will most likely be transformed in the coming years because of smart contracts, blockchain and and other innovations, but it’s not ready yet.

So how do people earn money in crypto societies?

In some decentralized crypto societies like Telos, https://chainspector.io/governance people create proposals that are voted on by the people in that particular crypto society. If these proposals get more Yes votes than No votes, then the person who made the proposal will get paid for their work. Each crypto society has different rules for how these votes are weighed. Some calculate the votes based on the number of tokens people vote with, which means that those who have more skin in the game (more tokens) will have more influence than a just a casual member with very few tokens.

Most of the work in these crypto societies involves: computer programming, building websites, marketing, communication, business development, social media, art and design, and community outreach projects. But the interesting thing about these crypto societies is that there are no managers telling you what to do. Instead, it is up to people to create their own salaries and work proposals. If the community likes your work, then you get paid. If not, then you don’t get paid. It’s not perfect, but it’s based more on merit and actual work than its corporate counterpart.

Because crypto societies exist on the internet only, they are 100% remote.

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected crypto societies only slightly so far. They are still able to function in the exact same way as before: everyone works remotely on the internet. And because crypto societies have control of their own money supply, they are much more resilient.

However, most people in crypto societies still rely on the ability to convert the the crypto they earn into their local currency for survival, so the wider economy will of course directly affect their these crypto societies. Crypto societies won’t emerge unscathed from the Coronavirus pandemic, but they could definitely become more attractive to jobless people due to their 100% remote, permissionless and global characteristics.

If you lost your job due to the Coronavirus pandemic, you have some time now to learn something new and possibly earn a bit of money, too.

These are not get rich quick schemes, and to be honest, most crypto societies will require you to spend a good deal of time in them before you earn anything. But there are a few ways to earn some right away.

My top 3 picks for learning about some crypto projects and earning at the same time:

1. Coinbase Earn: https://www.coinbase.com/earn
Earning potential: up to $166

Coinbase is the top app for crypto users in the USA. You must create a Coinbase account to get started with Coinbase Earn. This program pays you a certain amount to learn about different crypto projects. I definitely recommend you start with this if you’ve never earned any crypto before.

2. Get a free Telos account and earn some tips: https://app.telos.net/accounts/add
Earning potential: $.10 and new crypto friends

Telos is very unique crypto project because like Bitcoin, it had no ICO nor any funding when it launched. Telos is 100% bootstrapped and has some good governance features like on-chain voting and a functional worker proposal system.

After you’ve created your free Telos account, join my Telegram group, Meme My Coin and text the code words: “Corona Time” and I’ll tip you some tlos tokens: https://t.me/mememycoin

3. Write a blog post about yourself on peakd.com https://peakd.com/

Earning potential: variable

When you write your post, please use the tag ‘introduceyourself’. Make sure and mention @hivepeople in your article so I can upvote your post. https://peakd.com/@hivepeople

If you’re new to Hive.io, you will need an account: https://signup.hive.io/

Get a new Hive account with 3Speak. It says it costs $1 but if you have a code, it’s free. The reason I suggest this is that 3Speak has a tech support channel in Telegram that can help you if you run into any issues: https://t.me/threespeak

When you sign up via 3Speak, use one of these voucher numbers to get your new account. You need a voucher number to get a free account (please use only one):






Once you have saved your private keys, you will need to sign into peakd.com. I recommend using peaklock.

If you have any issues with these steps, feel free to join my Telegram group https://t.me/mememycoin and I can help out. Please be patient though, as I’m not there 24/7.

There you have it. These are three new things that can help you learn about crypto and earn a little in the process too. I know it’s not a lot, and won’t make a huge difference, but if you find yourself going down the rabbit hole, and getting inspired by some of these projects, they definitely welcome you with open arms. Telos and Hive are permissionless, and open to everyone. They also could use some experts in the following fields: UX design, communication, bloggers, artists, designers, marketing and tons of other fields. If you’re interested in learning more about these two decentralized crypto projects go here:

Telos Links

Main site: https://www.telos.net/

Meet the community + tech support: https://t.me/HelloTelos

Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hellotelos

Hive Links

Main site: https://hive.io/

Meet the community: https://peakd.com/

Tech support: https://t.me/hiveblockchain

Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hiveblocks

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