RICH EVIL: NFT Cryptoart Series Explores Depravity of Epstein & Company

RICH EVIL art series by Stellabelle

What you see here is a collection of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) depicting Epstein and company’s various shades of depravity.

RICH EVIL was born.

RICH EVIL: Epstein Child Eater, animated GIF


RICH EVIL: Sea of Epstein, animated GIF, Stellabelle
RICH EVIL: Ghislaine Maxwell, animated GIF, Stellabelle
RICH EVIL: Captain Underpants Dershowitz, animated GIF, Stellabelle


RICH EVIL: Birds Can Escape, animated GIF
RICH EVIL: The Truth About Alan Dershowitz
RICH EVIL: Epstein Memory Erase, animated GIF
RICH EVIL: Epstein Doll Collector


RICH EVIL: Epstein in Child’s Room, animated GIF
RICH EVIL: Royal Sweat, animated GIF
RICH EVIL: Epstein Sociopath, animated GIF
RICH EVIL: Dershowitz is Captain Underpants 2, animated GIF


Throughout these first nightmares and my fixation on learning everything about the child sex trafficking ring of Epstein and company, I began wondering why this took such a hold on my mind. I knew the answer and it’s something I thought “I was over with”.

I felt compelled to do something, so I began to search for Epstein victims on Twitter.

The Setiles, Maria Farmer

I decided that 10% from each art piece I sold would be given to her foundation, as a way to help make a difference.

Child sex trafficking is not a partisan issue.

Cryptoartist and writer