RICH EVIL: NFT Cryptoart Series Explores Depravity of Epstein & Company

RICH EVIL art series by Stellabelle

What you see here is a collection of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) depicting Epstein and company’s various shades of depravity.

I began having nightmares some months back as the Epstein story unfolded. I realized the only way I would be able to find any peace would be to create an art series about it and donate 10% of the profits to Virginia Giuffre’s organization Victims Refuse Silence.

RICH EVIL was born.

RICH EVIL: Epstein Child Eater, animated GIF

RICH EVIL: Epstein Child Eater
Available on Makersplace
Editions: 1
Price: .25 ETH

The art you see is all available for purchase on three NFT art marketplaces: Makersplace, NFT Showroom and Rarible. It’s clear that the Covid pandemic has accelerated the adoption of NFTs. All my art is non-censorable due to it being on a blockchain. The elite predators cannot take this art down, nor can they censor it. I heard that some of the curated art sites hide some of the more graphic art, but sites like Rarible and NFT Showroom don’t censor art at all. NFT Showroom for example has a NSFW button that artists can select if their art is overly sexual. Personally, I don’t think this series is NSFW, but it does contain cartoon nudity. My main objective in this RICH EVIL art series is to expose the elite predators that have been hiding for so long. In this art series, many of the predators are exposed and naked, and all the victims are clothed. So there is your warning, lol.

My RICH EVIL series exists on three different NFT platforms: Makersplace, NFT Showroom and Rarible, and that’s how it is categorized below.


RICH EVIL: Sea of Epstein, animated GIF, Stellabelle

RICH EVIL: Sea of Epstein
Available on Makersplace
Editions: 3
Price: .15 ETH

RICH EVIL: Ghislaine Maxwell, animated GIF, Stellabelle

RICH EVIL: Ghislaine Maxwell
Available on Makersplace
Editions: 3
Price: .15 ETH

RICH EVIL: Captain Underpants Dershowitz, animated GIF, Stellabelle

RICH EVIL: Captain Underpants Dershowitz
Available on Makersplace
Editions: 3
Price: .15 ETH


RICH EVIL: Birds Can Escape, animated GIF

RICH EVIL: Birds Can Escape
Available on NFT Showroom
Editions: 2
Price: 150 Hive

RICH EVIL: The Truth About Alan Dershowitz

RICH EVIL: The Truth About Alan Dershowitz
Available on NFT Showroom
Editions: 1
Price: 250 Hive

RICH EVIL: Epstein Memory Erase, animated GIF

RICH EVIL: Epstein Memory Erase
Available on NFT Showroom
Editions: 7, Available: 6
Price: 50 Hive

RICH EVIL: Epstein Doll Collector

RICH EVIL: Epstein Doll Collector
Available on NFT Showroom
Editions: 1
Price: 75 Hive


RICH EVIL: Epstein in Child’s Room, animated GIF

RICH EVIL: Epstein in Child’s Room
Available on Rarible
Editions: 5
Price: .05 ETH

RICH EVIL: Royal Sweat, animated GIF

RICH EVIL: Royal Sweat
Available on Rarible
Editions: 13
Price: .033 ETH

RICH EVIL: Epstein Sociopath, animated GIF

RICH EVIL: Epstein Sociopath
Available on Rarible
Editions: 1
Price: .2 ETH

RICH EVIL: Dershowitz is Captain Underpants 2, animated GIF

RICH EVIL: Dershowitz is Captain Underpants 2
Available on Rarible
Editions: 3
Price: .06 ETH


Throughout these first nightmares and my fixation on learning everything about the child sex trafficking ring of Epstein and company, I began wondering why this took such a hold on my mind. I knew the answer and it’s something I thought “I was over with”.

I remember him telling me that I was dirty and that I needed a bath. While he was bathing me, he kept saying, “you’re dirty” over and over. He then proceeded to lick and suck my vagina. I still remember the dark hair on head too. It’s my first memory of life.

I told my parents what happened. My mom tried her best to do something about it, but we lived in a Christian intentional community where sex and sex abuse was taboo. The other mothers who were told about this just turned the other cheek. This boy who took something from me and made me feel shame about my sexuality did lasting harm to me. I was abused at other times in my life, too.

I came really close to being exploited when I was a teen model for Elite. When I was 16, I had 40 year-old photographers try to date me. I refused them as I had a bad feeling in my stomach when they attempted to seduce me.

Also, when I was in Tokyo, Japan with Elite, my first night there was really upsetting to me. My agent, Momo, called me up and told me to meet her at a restaurant for dinner. She gave me the impression it was going to be just me and her. When I got to the restaurant, there was a table full of other teen models like myself and a bunch of old Australian businessmen. I was seated next Mr. Alan Bond, apparently he was the wealthiest man in Australia at the time.

When you look him up in Wikipedia, here’s the first sentence: “Alan Bond (22 April 1938–5 June 2015) was an Australian businessman noted for his high-profile and often corrupt business dealings.“

During this dinner, I found him to be crass and ridiculous. I, along with another girl decided to ditch this situation as we didn’t like these men. I don’t know what happened that night, and whether any models slept with Mr. Bond, but my best guess is that one of them did. I found this entire experience disgusting and I was upset with my agency for pimping me out to random businessmen. This had nothing to do with modeling whatsover, and even then I knew that. I still wonder how much Momo and Elite were paid for having us models there to “entertain” those businessmen.

I think all of these experiences, when added up, make me vulnerable to hearing about the thousands of girls who were sexually exploited by Epstein, Brunel, Maxwell and the lot of them.

I felt compelled to do something, so I began to search for Epstein victims on Twitter.

The Setiles, Maria Farmer

The Setiles, by Maria Farmer

I discovered that Virginia has founded an organization to help other victims. She also did her research on every single organization in each state to determine if they were really safe or not. Here’s the link to her org: Victims Refuse Silence

I decided that 10% from each art piece I sold would be given to her foundation, as a way to help make a difference.

Another reason I decided to do this art series is that I feel we can no longer hide these horrors and pretend that everything is ok. Our society is damaged and we have to get all this horror out in the open, so we can know what we’re dealing with. When this stuff is kept all secret, then the conspiracy nutbags have open season to manipulate us all.

Child sex trafficking is not a partisan issue.

And helping the victims is only the surface solution. The real problem lies in the fact that there are billionaire pedophiles who need their daily fix. These are the true evils who need to be flushed out of society.

If you’re reading this and have been brainwashed by Qanon or other Trump conspiracy theorists, you’re in for a real shock. In my digging of Epstein, it looks like the Pizzagate conspiracy was invented by Trump’s minions to divert attention away from him raping a 12 year-old girl named Maria. Read for youself here:

Quote from this article:

The original tip came to WMR, which can report exclusively that a Waterbury girl, “Maria,” was the 12-year old alleged to have been a child rape victim of Donald Trump and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, shown at right. The crimes allegedly occurred at a midtown Manhattan mansion then owned by Epstein’s friend Les Wexner, a billionaire retailing mogul.

Maria was kidnapped on March 19, 1993, when she was 11-years old from the front of Nash’s Pizza in Waterbury. The girl’s kidnappers were involved in a child trafficking ring that provided abductees to wealthy individuals like Trump and Epstein in Manhattan, according to our information.

If you want to learn more about Trump’s rape of Maria being the true origin of Pizzagate, read everything here:

Stay tune for more of RICH EVIL. There will be more, I can guarantee that.




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