Stellabelle: Nifty Gateway Drop Today

6 min readAug 8, 2022

I’m really excited about my upcoming Nifty Gateway drop. There will be something for everyone. The 3 Open Editions will be priced at $77 each and there is no limit to how many you can get, so it’s very open by design. There is a time limit however of 77 minutes for the Open Editions.

In addition to the 18 auctions which are all 1/1, there are two offensively low-priced drawings (Logan Paul and Guy Oseary) that cost only $1 to enter. So, really, this drop is designed for every wallet.

Let’s go over the details:

August 8, 2022 Schedule:

1 PM EST: Twitter Spaces on @stellabelle account before drop. Brookhawk will co-host.

6:30 PM ET: CryptoStellas Drop on Nifty Gateway Starts:

9 auctions are 24 hours (all 1/1 paintings see below)

9 auctions are 48 hours (all 1/1 paintings see below)

Time limit is 77 minutes for 3 Open Editions: Colborn MOCA Jesus, Saint Stellabelle and Lord Rizzle. Each costs $77 and there is no limit per wallet.

Colborn MOCA Jesus
Saint Stellabelle
Lord Rizzle

Smart contracts: All the NFTs except for the Open Editions are from my Stellabelle Manifold smart contract which you can view here:

The 3 Open Editions are a Nifty Gateway in-house contract that I signed using my early ETH address.

You’re not going to want to miss my Twitter Spaces because many of the amazing people I painted will be guest speakers. Brookhawk, one of my collectors will co-host and guest speakers will be: Colborn of MOCA, Micol of VerticalCrypto, Rizzle, Judy cofounder of DADA, Nili Lerner of NILIcoins, Artnome and others.