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5 min readNov 29, 2019

If you’re like me, you might have blockchain burnout.

It seems like everyday a new blockchain is born that promises great things, only to fizzle out months or years later. After seeing this time and time again, I’ve become a bit jaded. But guess what? There’s a new blockchain that currently is not hyped, but worth looking into. It’s called Telos, and even though one of my friends joined it a long time ago, I didn’t really have an open mind at the time to give it any attention. It wasn’t until the CPU fiasco on EOS happened that I began to look with an open mind at other EOSIO chains. So far, I like what I see on Telos. It has a different vibe that is more aligned with my core philosophy.

What’s my core philosophy? It’s simple: people first.

I was raised in an intentional community, so I have a different view of the word ‘community’ than most people. I understand how critical it is to have a healthy community that is founded on principles that bring people together.

Here’s what I find most interesting about Telos:

1. Free Accounts

The Telos Foundation decided to put aside a significant amount of funds so people could create free accounts on Telos. Here are three ways to create a free account on Telos:

Desktop: Squirrel wallet

Video Tutorial:

Telegram Bot: @TeloscopeBot


Mobile Phone: CoolX


I created a free Telos account using the Telegram bot method. It was really cool! There are other Telos wallets and ways to create free Telos accounts. These are just 3 I found easily and they are all safe as I got them all verified by a Telos community member.

2. Functioning Worker Proposal System

People who add value to Telos can get funding for their efforts if they receive enough votes from the community. If you’re familiar with how Dash Governance works, you will find some similarities in Telos. Worker proposals are a very good way to grow a network organically. Also they have the power to create opportunities for a lot of different kinds of people. Resources:

3. Diverse Community

One thing I noticed immediately when I began interacting in the Telos community: diversity. I see many people from different countries, and many women have leadership positions as well. Communities which are founded on principles of fairness tend to attract more diversity because as we all know, when there is a massive power imbalance in society, certain groups tend to become the slaves of the powerful. I see a lot of different kinds of empowered people in Telos. Telos decided to reduce the amount of disparity between rich whales and the rest of us in its distribution method.

4. Telos was launched with zero funding.

It launched without an ICO, pre-sale or any kind of token sale. It launched in an organic, grassroots style, where the core devs had to bootstrap everything. This makes Telos more similar to how a lot of startups launch, in the Lean Startup mode where every ounce of energy counts, and people sacrifice everything for their belief in their organization. To me, this makes Telos more valuable because it means the founders of Telos made it happen out of passion and a strong belief in it. There is real value in that.

5. Founders of Telos seem approachable and pro-active.

I like how the core devs in Telos are forward-thinking and proactive about solving problems. Check out their recent plan for CPU in Telos:

While I am still critical of the existence of REX and the overly complicated nature of it, I find the solutions in this Telos Trim Plan fairly interesting for users who are into staking. For users who just want nothing to do with staking, resources, etc., I think LynxChain could be the best option.

I have been observing one of the founders of Telos in Telegram and I like how he as well as other active Telos members are hands-on with the community. Being available and communicative with new people is a great asset in Telos. There is nothing worse than absent overlords who never even talk to anyone in the community. People in Telos are friendly and very transparent in everything they do, as far as I can tell so far.

Learn more about Telos:

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