The Origins of QAnon: A Cover Up of Trump’s Child Rapes And Co-Opting of Anonymous

12 min readJan 13, 2021

Kamala Harris in one of her recent speeches asked the important question, “How did we get here?”

Now that finally everyone is paying attention to the QAnon movement, I want to talk about why this group is spreading like wildfire and how I believe it was manufactured by Trump’s organization, or those who wanted Trump to be in power.

I want to also discuss that QAnon contains all the elements of a cult, and why the core of QAnon will not go away until Trump, Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell and all the other people who were involved in the child sex trafficking operations are outed.

By just banning the topic, and running these QAnon people off platforms, nothing will change. The media has to talk about the sources I found and we need to face this stuff head-on. Now that violence has come to the USA from within, and there seems to be no end to it, we have to do the hard thing: reveal what happened in those Epstein tapes.

Someone has those tapes.

I’m pretty sure that someone has those tapes of Trump raping 12 year-old girls, and until the world knows the true depravity of Trump and all the rest, this conspiracy group will not go away. We need to see the truth about the past, and someone has those tapes which need to be brought to the surface so that we can all face the demons directly, instead of hiding the awful stuff. The faces of the victims could be blurred out, but the perpetrators should be in clear view when the tapes are finally released.

Hiding the truth gives rise to conspiracy theories, and now we see what a mess we are in because the truth never came out for us all to deal with.

But we have to start with the very beginning in order to understand how we got here.

I was never involved with QAnon, however, I have been the victim of brainwashing by a sociopath in my past, so in many ways, I understand how fragile the human mind is, and how people can easily be mind-controlled to believe even the most absurd things. It happened to me.

We have to keep these things in mind:

In 2016, Trump wanted to beat Hillary Clinton and would do anything, legal or illegal to gain power. Trump’s people, and Russia were aware of how successful the online hacker group Anonymous was.

Trump is a criminal.

Trump raped several girls, one was a 12 year-old girl named Maria in 1993 who was kidnapped by Epstein.

First I will discuss QAnon copying and co-opting Anonymous.

As many people know, Anonymous is an online hacker group that is quite successful due to the fact that anyone on the internet can join. Anonymous is successful also because it’s decentralized, and has no one official leader. Many different groups exist in Anonymous with different goals. One particularly important Anonymous group which has been going strong for 10 years is called #OpDeathEaters, and its primary goal is to:

“Establish the credibility and scale of paedosadism and trafficking industry ties and blackmail power at institutional levels.”

Heather Marsh created the OpDeathEaters movement. This group exposed damning information about Epstein long before his arrest.

Who is Heather Marsh?

Her website:

She is “a philosopher, programmer and human rights activist. She is the author of the Binding Chaos series, a study of methods of mass collaboration and the founder of Getgee, a project to create a global data commons and trust network. From 2010 to 2012, Marsh was the sole editor and administrator for the WikiLeaks sponsored news site, WikiLeaks Central. Heather Marsh says Anonymous follows ideas and actions instead of personalities, a form of organization she recommends for mass movements.” -Wikipedia

Her book:

And she’s the only person to have played a pivotal role in the formation of the three most influential movements of the last decade: Anonymous, Occupy and Wikileaks, as well as many more movements worldwide.

Heather Marsh is the main energy behind this particular wing of Anonymous which is dedicated to exposing human trafficking on a global scale. She is committed to the goal of exposing all the human trafficking news that happens daily via this Twitter account:

Here’s what the Twitter account of Anonymous said:

“There is no government. We are ruled by a supranational organized crime network that deals in human, drugs & weapons trafficking and money laundering. Everything stems from that one fact. We have years of receipts that prove it beyond any reasonable doubt.”

Sounds familiar to QAnon cult members doesn’t it?

If you read the core conspiracy of QAnon in Wikipedia, you’ll notice how similar it is to this Anonymous group’s mission, but you’ll also notice how QAnon twists and distorts the truth, adds worshipping of Trump (something that Anonymous is against doing: worshipping of personalities) and adds cult components like intrigue, belonging, mystery, secret knowledge and gamification.

The core of QAnon’s mission was copied exactly from Heather Marsh’s Anonymous group, but QAnon was dumbed down, added fake elements, made simpler and more “fun”. In a way, QAnon was copied from Anonymous but with the end goal being to keep Trump in power.

Wading through the volumes of work that Anonymous has compiled is pretty strenuous and requires a lot of reading. There is no marketing or packaging for the Anonymous information. It’s just simple information released on a constant basis and it has been exposing this info about human trafficking for over a decade.

QAnon just started 3 years ago and here’s how it’s defined by Wikipedia:

“alleging that a cabal of Satan-worshipping cannibalistic pedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotting against U.S. president Donald Trump, who is fighting the cabal.”

The origin of QAnon according to Wikipedia:

“A user named “Q Clearance Patriot” first appeared on the /pol/ board of 4chan on October 28, 2017, posting in a thread titled “Calm Before the Storm”, a reference to Trump’s cryptic description of a gathering of United States military leaders he attended as “the calm before the storm”.[25][65] The “Storm” became QAnon parlance for an imminent event in which thousands of alleged suspects will be arrested, imprisoned, and executed for being child-eating pedophiles.”

It’s clear that QAnon has co-opted this Anonymous group and created a decoy operation. The operation was created to mask Trump’s child rape crimes and further empower him.

“Decoy op: One which looks like the movement being set up for discrediting, targets the same community and claims the same objective. Purpose: To appropriate attention and resources from the real operation and eventually discredit the original purpose or movement.” #OpDeathEaters

It’s clear that Trump is part of a criminal organization, and is directly involved, due to this one important thing that the world has not been made aware of: Trump raped several 12 and 13 year-old girls in 1993, and one named Maria was kidnapped by Epstein’s people outside of a pizza shop.

“Projection. Distraction. Discrediting the real story by amplifying a perversion of the narrative.”

“Rachel Maddow offered an important and keen distinction that helps understand the *president’s tactics and strategy. Rather than simple ‘distraction’, #diversion exploits awareness of a problem, but alters its context and gradually overtakes ownership from the real issue at hand.”

We learn from @soychicka who is a researcher:

“The first mentions of Pizzagate started 11/4, within 8 hours of my first call to report I had identified an open missing person’s case matching the abduction of Trump’s 12 year old victim known as “Maria” It exploded after I contacted LE. Check the numbers. Check the timing.” -

All the case filings about Trump and the child rapes are here:

When the info about Trump’s 12 year-old rape victim, Maria, began to leak out, the Pizzagate conspiracy was unleashed right after it. It was designed to divert attention away from Trump’s child rapes and onto his opponent, Hillary Clinton. The conspiracy contained some elements of truth of Trump’s rapes, like the pizza shop where Maria was kidnapped from, but it added fake elements and people so that no one would ever believe the truth.

For example, even in the pizzagate definition in Wikipedia, there is no mention of the real event: Maria being kidnapped in front of a pizza shop by Epstein’s people, and later raped by Trump.

If you find this hard to grasp like everyone else, you have been brainwashed to believe the pizzagate conspiracy, or worse yet, you have been influenced to think the whole thing is rubbish, just crazy made up conspiracies. That is precisely why the Trump people made it up. To discredit the original truthful story.

What this doesn’t tell you is what came before QAnon, and that information about the 12 year-old girl, Maria, who Trump raped was beginning to leak out. Because most of this has been swept away from consciousness, we need to delve into the facts surrounding Maria, who was kidnapped by Epstein’s people.

The source of infomation comes from a Twitter account, @soychicka:

“Documentary evidence that Pizzagate + Qanon narratives were developed to shield Trump + Epstein from accusations of child trafficking & serial sexual assault of two 12 + 13yo girls in 1993.”

If you want to know all the details read this and a step by step series of events that first started with @soychicka combing through the missing persons accounts, and finally finding Maria, Trump’s rape victim read this:

I’m going to highlight below the facts that I found the most interesting from @soychicka’s thread:

“The first mentions of Pizzagate started 11/4, within 8 hours of my first call to report I had identified an open missing person’s case matching the abduction of Trump’s 12 year old victim known as “Maria” It exploded after I contacted LE (Law Enforcement). Check the numbers. Check the timing.”


The best article that describes one of the girls who Trump raped is below:

The site of “Maria’s” kidnapping in 1993, then known as Nash’s Pizza restaurant, since relocated

“The original tip came to WMR, which can report exclusively that a Waterbury girl, “Maria,” was the 12-year old alleged to have been a child rape victim of Donald Trump and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, shown at right. The crimes allegedly occurred at a midtown Manhattan mansion then owned by Epstein’s friend Les Wexner, a billionaire retailing mogul.

Maria was kidnapped on March 19, 1993, when she was 11-years old from the front of Nash’s Pizza in Waterbury. The girl’s kidnappers were involved in a child trafficking ring that provided abductees to wealthy individuals like Trump and Epstein in Manhattan, according to our information.”

“In 1993, Maria lived with her mother and nine siblings in a Puerto Rican neighborhood in Waterbury, which is nicknamed “The Brass City” for its once-booming brass and clock factories. It is now suffering from urban blight, like many New England cities with abandoned factories.

Maria, whose father died in 1991, was reportedly abducted just moments after her mother entered the pizzeria while asking Maria to wait outside. The precise circumstances are among the secrets that police are withholding, thus limiting news coverage. The mother died in 2015.

One resident of the kidnapped girl’s close-knit neighborhood told us that the circumstances always seemed strange to the family and neighbors, and yet almost no police or other interest has been apparent for many years. Our source also stated that Maria’s mother always felt that her daughter was alive and, at one time, was in New York City. Another source in Waterbury said that it was the belief by many neighborhood residents at the time of Maria’s abduction that she was kidnapped by a ring operating out of New York. “Those who took her [Maria] were not from Waterbury,” said one longtime Puerto Rican resident familiar with the case.

In the interest of responsible journalism, we are withholding Maria’s actual full name. A June 25, 2010 paper, titled “Protecting victims’ identities in press coverage of child victimization,” which was published by the Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire, spells out the concerns of releasing the identities of child sex victims without prior precautions being taken. The authors of the paper contend, “When the names of child victims and other identifying information appear in the media it can exacerbate trauma, complicate recovery, discourage future disclosures and inhibit cooperation with authorities for the children involved.”

Maria is still listed as a “missing person” by the Waterbury Police Department. The police missing person notification states that Maria was last seen at the corner of Walnut Street and Walnut Avenue at Nash’s Pizza. It adds that the girl “was 11-years-old when she went missing.”

Here is a development that proved startling in Maria’s neighborhood, including to at least one family member: She is alive.

Maria has been avoiding any public limelight since the Trump Organization discovered her actual identity, according to our sources. During the 2016 presidential campaign, there was some interest in the Maria story by major corporate media outlets, but they were intimidated by Trump Organization legal threats.

The incident helps illustrate the institutional cowardice and greed of many of the major news organizations and the danger that unprotected whistleblower/victims face when they share their stories with such journalists. Although the initial reporters and producers are usually very well-intentioned they work for conglomerates whose top executives realize that it’s typically safer not to antagonize the power structure.

Second, the vulnerability of sex abuse victims in their early teens from poor families requires special attention. Nowhere is that more poignant than in the case of the girl “Maria.” Police reports say that she was kidnapped at age 11 from her own neighborhood and, to all outward appearances, then disappeared off the face of the earth. In sum, the track record and power of these two particular defendants requires a deeper look at the allegations, particularly in light of the lessons learned from the #MeToo harassment and assault revelations this past fall regarding other powerful predators.

A Deeper Look

So, we return to the allegations in the “Jane Doe” (aka Katie Johnson) lawsuit despite the practice of pundits, lawyers, trolls, fanatics and thugs, many well-paid or fanatically ideological, using their varied skills to claim that there’s nothing to see or know. You be the judge, based on these lawsuit claims:

On July 23, 2016, “Joan Doe,” a classmate of Johnson during the 1994–1995 school year, signed an affidavit avowing that Johnson had told her during the summer of 1994 about the sexual assaults by Epstein and Trump.

Another witness, “Tiffany Doe,” signed an affidavit in support of Johnson’s suit on June 18, 2016. Tiffany Doe stated that she had been hired in 1990 by Epstein when she was 22 to “provide entertainment” for his various “guests.” She further stated that Epstein hired her in 1991 as a “party planner” to, among other duties, entice “attractive adolescent women” to attend Epstein’s parties. Tiffany Doe stated that she personally witnessed Trump’s sexual assault and rape of Johnson during four encounters.

Johnson also stated in the suit that Trump told her that she “shouldn’t ever say anything if she didn’t want to disappear like Maria, a 12-year-old female that was forced to be involved in the third incident” with Trump. Johnson said she had not seen “Maria” after the third sexual encounter with Trump. Tiffany Doe said that she witnessed Johnson and 12-year old “Maria” perform oral sex on Trump.” -

So here we are, as we learn that information about Maria was censored and never appeared in the news because the news companies were afraid of being sued by Trump. That tells you everything you need to know about how our current world operates.

Meanwhile, our country is is utter shambles right now, and the truth about Trump raping young girls is still not coming out. Those tapes exist.

However, there are a few rays of sunshine on the horizon, as I just learned that serial child rapist and trafficker, and Epstein friend, Jean-Luc Brunel has been arrested in France. And another victory, too: “Peter Nygard, the 79-year-old head of the Nygard Group, was arrested by Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Winnipeg on Monday, officials said.

“He was hit with a nine-count grand jury indictment that included charges of racketeering conspiracy, conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, trafficking of minors, forced sex trafficking and transportation of a minor for prostitution.” -

So, two more rich and powerful monsters have been removed from society. Maybe there is hope that Trump, too will finally be exposed for the monster he is. Let’s go ahead and throw in Alan Dershowitz too……he’s a vile predator too.

How any QAnon cult member can’t see that Trump is a child rapist, after realizing that he would hire Dershowitz as a lawyer…….well, that is just beyond nuts. Dershowitz is the lowest scum of society, and to everyone who can see clearly, it’s actually no surprise to us that Trump would stoop so low and hire him. They are both predatory criminals, so they belong together…………in prison.

I don’t see QAnon celebrating these new arrests of known child rapists, Brunel and Nygard…………..even though that is apparently what they are supposed to be caring about the most.