Token Pocket’s Forget CPU & NET Guide

If you’re in EOS land, you’re probably still reeling from the CPU congestion.

There are some band-aid solutions which you are probably aware of, like the 3 free transactions from, but there has emerged a new solution from Token Pocket that I think works pretty good for those who are on mobile. It’s called Forget CPU&NET.

I tested it out last night with an account that has close to zero CPU and I am happy to announce that this solution actually works for sending a few transactions. It’s also a very inexpensive solution, costing about twenty cents for the initial fee.

First thing you will have to do is download the latest Token Pocket dApp. If you’re an iOS user, you have to go through TestFlight (that’s because Apple doesn’t like the ‘discover dApps’ function.)

Download Token Pocket here:

You will need to pay for this Forget CPU service with either EOS, TPT or CNY. For this tutorial, I’ll show you how to get TPT from Newdex.

You can buy 200 TPT from Newdex or other exhanges. 200 TPT is about twenty cents, so it’s not much. You can get 3 free CPU trades if you use Newdex on a mobile phone

Here’s how to use your 3 Free CPU trades on Newdex for mobile. Click the box shown below:

After I bought 200 TPT from Newdex, I went into my Token Pocket dApp and headed to the lightning bolt icon at the top of Token Pocket:

This brought me to the Forget CPU&NET section:

This is where you turn the status on green and then hit the button Pay 200 TPT to enable the wallet to be in the Forget CPU&NET mode. A simple transaction costs .3 ms, so if you get 55 ms, you can do about 180 transactions. I think out of all the solutions I’ve tried during these CPU challenging times, this inexpensive wallet solution is among the best out there for new and casual users with little staked CPU.

When using Token Pocket and Newdex as a pair on mobile phones, this seems to be the best way for people to move their tokens and do some basic functions for a very low cost, even if you don’t have very much CPU.

Download the latest Token Pocket wallet here:


Token Pocket English Support on Telegram:

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